Clear partnerships are the heart of our community – empowering growth and success for all.

Serving the Small and Medium Enterprise sector, our aim is to build a community around our Clear Utility Token, allowing businesses to benefit from;

  • Access to enterprise level service
  • Access to enterprise level partnerships globally 
  • Connect with a like minded community

Our multi faceted community that provides a complete range of services for our clients requirements fulfils our promise to empower commerce.

To register your interest or enquire about further details, please email
or call 0044 333 577 2331

There are many advantages to partnering with clear


Our community undergoes strict KYC and KYB checks to ensure that business is fully verified before utilising the benefits of the clear community and utility token.


Once accepted into the clear community, our team works hard to provide you with the very best access to payments solutions, services and support to ensure your businesses success.


Our Utility Token provides global insight into a range a data sets that can be shared with our community as ‘Insight’ Our clear Insight provides for a greater range of market knowledge and security for clients.

Reliable Revenue

Our Utility Token and Community provide a loyal and robust trading platform for partners and clients. We aim to deliver outstanding services and support to ensure our empowered community remain engaged.

So, pick up the phone or drop us a line, Let’s talk. We believe that partnerships are about working together to solve customer problems in innovative ways, creating “win-win” experiences for all involved.

clear roadmap

we have an ambitious roadmap for the growth of clear

2018 Payment Solution

In 2018 clear launched the Clear Utility Token to support under serviced industries.

2019 Clear Partnerships

In 2019 clear engaged in over 155 partnerships opportunities to support our community and empower growth.

2020 Innovate

2020 Vision is clear – to build a simple, safe and secure community through regulation, expertise and global partnerships.

2020 Community

In 2020 clear will be introducing several prominent partners to the community which will provide greater service and support to our community.

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