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As part of our growing community, we look to offer a range of solutions to resellers and agencies worldwide.

All our partners will have access to our agent portal, which allows you too;

  • Track onboarding flow
  • Transaction history
  • Chargeback and refund management
  • Commission reports

Our global solution allows all our partners to access our global financial service infrastructure, allowing you to provide a wider range of services to your merchants.

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Clear is at the forefront of offering a complete financial solution to our clients and as such we are looking for like minded partners to support our community of businesses.

By innovating the service to our clients, we provide them today with banking as a service across Europe in 44 currencies including Faster Payments, SEPA and SWIFT enabled services.

As we develop our community there is always a strong desire from our community to access additional service providers globally.

Become a banking partner of clear by emailing [email protected]

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Payment Processing

Our global community of businesses provides clear with numerous opportunities on a daily basis that we may not always be able to support.

With the global payment landscape fragmented between various services, here at clear we look to provide merchants through a single application, with data processing , reconciliation of accounts and technical integration.

As we look to support more businesses by providing additional services and value, we are always looking to form new acquiring relationships with financial service providers globally.

This will allow our collective of acquirers to meet our customers expectations and drive the payments landscape forward by retaining global and local clients.

Become a partner by emailing [email protected]

Alternative Payment Methods (APMS) & Cryptocurrency

In an ever-developing world of new technology and financial systems, we look to provide a prominent service that allows our customers to access the latest software and support.

As a partner for APMs and Crypto related services it is always best to speak to a member of our team in person to discuss how we can work together.

Contact [email protected] to start a discussion today.

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