A simple, safe and secure network for businesses globally.

Paywithclear provides you with a global network of banking and acquiring relationships allowing for faster, more reliable solutions for your business.

  • Over 200 partners globally
  • Integrates easily
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages
  • One application for all
  • Supporting underserviced industries

We empower commerce

With clear as your business partner, you don’t just get a simple, safe and secure solution – we offer you a global solution.

Our team of industry experts are invested in your success, by giving you access to a global community of products and financial services ranging from Alternative Payment Methods, Card Acquiring, Banking and Crypto based payment solutions.

Our knowledge comes from running, mentoring or advising under serviced businesses for over 20 years. We know risks are higher in today’s digital world, we are here to help you to manage those risks and limit the costs to your business and boost your profitability.

Our global perspective

Paywithclear is connected to over 200 financial institutions globally and through our own innovative ‘Decision Making Engine’ (DME).

The DME aims to provide your business with the best banking relationships for your business, allowing for you to obtain the best rates and approval ratios – meaning your business is optimised for success.

Through Paywithclear you are able achieve a number of MiDs for your business under ONE application, meaning you can direct your global traffic effectively without the traditional high costs associated.

Protecting your business

Paywithclear works with a number of global providers to enhance the security of all transactions, and our fraud protection suite provides additional security for your company.

Our fraud prevention software allows you to manage the risk of fraudulent payments by creating a IP BAN LIST, BIN Ban List and Email Ban List. All transactions through our software are scored accordingly allowing you to react in real time.

Banking as a Service

Paywithclear offers businesses not only traditional merchant services through its application process, but Banking as a Service to support your business.

When you apply, we can also provide European banking solutions. Our banking network supports over 44 currencies including GBP, EURO and USD as well as Crypto assets such as BTC and USDT – allowing you to trade without borders.


At Paywithclear we like to be open and transparent with our pricing policy, below is a list of indicative pricing depending on your industry.

All pricing is dependent on sales volume, business location and chargeback management of your business.

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