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With clear as your business partner, you don’t just get a simple, safe and secure utility token solution.  Our team of industry experts are invested in your success, by giving your access to a global community of products and services.

Our knowledge comes from running, mentoring or advising under serviced businesses for over 20 years. We know risks are higher in todays digital world,  we are here to help you to manage those risks and limit the costs to your business and boost your profitability.

Ecommerce platforms we support:

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Same Day Integration

We supply one-click install plugins for most of the major e-commerce platforms.  To ensure that getting set up is quick and easy we have a team of UK-based developers on hand to assist you.

We give you access to a complete test environment before going live with clear.  This allows you to configure your system, and process test transactions – ensuring your website works perfectly.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll find our clear dashboard helps you to better understand your business and keep track of your cashflow.

What our clients think of us

“I’d highly recommend clear; they get the job done and are highly responsive.”

PureSport CBD

“The best Google Ad I ever clicked.”


“Quick and easy set up, we joined clear in less than 24 hours - fantastic service.”


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