A simple, safe & secure payment gateway for ‘high-risk’ industries

  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • No hidden charges and twice-weekly payouts
  • Highly secure - PCI DSS compliant
  • Supports multiple currencies & languages

clear endorsement

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I’d highly recommend clear; they get the job done and are highly responsive.

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The best Google Ad I ever clicked.


One of the quickest and easiest payments gateways to install for me in 10 years of setting up websites.


No hidden fees - keeping it simple

clear provides a trustworthy debit and credit card payment service for businesses classed as ‘high-risk’, that struggle to find a reliable payment gateway partner.

clear guidance

clear gives merchants the wider guidance they need to run a successful e-commerce business, helping them to delight their customers, and find insight in their transactional data.

Protecting your business

clear helps ‘high-risk’ merchants to protect their business, limiting chargebacks and payment fraud, and thus boosting profitability.

clear easily integrates with e-commerce platforms in just a few clicks.

clear technology

Securely encrypted

Our technology converts our merchants’ transactions into a securely encrypted virtual token that we call a ‘clear voucher’.

clear voucher

A customer’s request to purchase a product through a merchant’s website is routed through our system, seamlessly purchasing one of these clear vouchers.


The clear voucher is then instantly redeemed by our system for the goods or services offered by the merchant.

Payment taken

A payment for the clear voucher is then taken from the customer’s debit or credit card. What the customer sees on their statement is the purchase of this clear voucher.

clear pricing

One-off set-up fee:

£250 / €300

On-going processing fees:

GBP - 4.9%

of transaction amount, plus 25p per transaction

EUR - 5.9%

of transaction amount, plus 30c per transaction

USD - 7.9%

of transaction amount, plus 30c per transaction

FX RATE - 4%

over market rate for cross- currency transactions


Rolling reserve:

Our standard rolling reserve is 5% of Gross Destination Currency for 90 days.

Rolling reserves may be set higher for start-ups or accounts with high charge-back ratios.

Refund fees:

50p transaction fee (or local equivalent)

Chargeback fees:

GBP £25 plus 50p per transaction (or local equivalent)

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The people behind clear

Duncan Sherriffs


Dan Rodwell

Founder & COO

John Hartley


The clear story

  • 2017

    Our founder, Dan Rodwell, has worked in e-commerce for over 10 years. During this time, he recognised that legitimate online businesses were being penalised due to out-dated policies that hindered growth in emerging market-sectors such as vaping and CBD.

  • One aspect of service that these sectors really struggled with was finding reliable debit and credit card payment providers. So, in June 2017, Dan decided to address this problem, and took the decision to set up clear.

  • 2018

    clear took some major steps to strengthen their leadership team in 2018, recruiting some industry heavyweights to help ensure our business remains customer-focussed and our technology roadmap will see our brand become market-leading.

  • Duncan Sherriffs was brought in to lead the business as our CEO, benefitting from two decades’ experience in market-leading financial institutions such as JPMorgan, M&G and PwC.

  • clear also recruited former Samsung and HSBC marketing specialist John Hartley as our CMO, to refine the proposition and our route to market.

  • 2019

    clear’s leadership team now combine over 65 years’ experience in the global finance and technology industries, which is driving our market research and product development.

A clear vision for the future

Beyond our payment gateway solution, our development roadmap is planned out until 2020.
We see our future as a platform business which we will supplement with value-add services.
Ultimately, our focus is on building communities and supporting merchants to grow and succeed.
Our goal at clear is to empower commerce.

  • 2018


    A simple, safe and secure payment gateway designed to enable ‘high-risk’ merchants to accept credit card payments through their websites.

  • 2019


    A broader platform of SME-focused tech services, that add further value to our initial client base and extend our reach to new markets.

  • 2020


    A broader suite of SaaS solutions, that give SMEs better capabilities in marketing, productivity, security, accounting and analytics.

  • Community

    A clear community and marketplace for SME-servicing businesses, where value is exchanged and the network multiplier effect is achieved.